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  • 不動産等の賃貸借契約

  • 株券

  • 株式譲渡書

  • 買取権付き使用契約(Hire purchase agreement)

  • 請負契約

  • ローン(貸付)契約

  • 保険

  • 委任状



  • 印紙税の納税義務に関するコンサルティング

  • 現金納付の代行

  • 上記に関する、メール、電話、ミーティング等




Certain legal documents executed or brought into Thailand are required to have stamp duty paid.


Documents subject to stamp duty in Thailand include but are not limited to the following:


  • Property leases;

  • Share certificates;

  • Share transfer instrument;

  • Hire of property contracts;

  • Hire of work contracts;

  • Loan contracts;

  • Agent contracts;

  • Insurance policies;

  • Power of attorney;

  • Proxies;

  • Promissory note;

  • Bill of exchange;

  • Bond;

  • Debenture;

  • Bill of lading; and

  • Letter of credit.

Stamp duty must be paid at an area Revenue Department office.


Our stamp duty service includes the following:


Advice on application of stamp duty.

  • Submit document to the Revenue Department for payment of stamp duty.

  • Return document to client after payment of stamp duty.

  • Correspondence by email, telephone and in person meetings when necessary.

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