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  • ライセンスの申請に必要な情報、及び文書類に関する相談業務

  • ライセンス申請書の記入(クライアント様から多くの情報を頂く必要がございます)

  • ライセンス申請書、及び関係書類の、当局への提出(申請代行業務)

  • 地方行政局との連絡、及びコミュニケーション

  • 担当官とのミーティング等への同伴

  • 担当官との積極的なフォローアップ

  • 担当官が要求する追加情報等の整理、及び提出

  • ライセンスの受領

  • ライセンスの内容のタイ語→英語訳

  • 上記の遂行に必要なメール交換を含む連絡業務



An entertainment license is required to operate a business in Thailand that involves music, bands, dancing, employing entertainers or massage. 


An entertainment license application is submitted to the District office where the entertainment business is located. 


After submission of the application, the District office will send out an officer to inspect the entertainment business premises. 


The total process can take up to 1 month or more to complete. 


The District office charges a restaurant license application fee of 200 to 10,000 Baht depending on the size of the entertainment business premises. 


Our entertainment license application service includes the following:


  • Advise client on all required information and documents to apply for an entertainment license.

  • Prepare a entertainment license application with the assistance of the client.

  • Filing the application with the District office.

  • Assist in communicating with the District office.

  • Accompanying the representatives of the client in meetings with the District office if necessary.

  • Follow up the application with the District office.

  • Submit any additional information or documents required by the District office with the assistance of the client.

  • Receive the entertainment license.

  • Provide an English translation of the entertainment license.




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