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  • 非居住者用源泉徴収税証明書 (Non-resident withholding tax certificate)

  • 個人所得税納税証明書 (Income tax payment certificate for individuals)

  • 法人税納税証明書 (Income tax payment certificate for companies)

  • 居住証明書 (Certificate of residence)(個人または法人が、タイ税務上、及び租税条約上、タイの居住者であり、タイにおいて申告納税をしたことを証明するもの)

  • 事業の税務上の地位の確認書 (Statement on the tax status of the business) (タイにおいてタックスユニットとして事業が登記されていることを証明するもの)

  • 国外源泉所得申告証明書 (Statement of acknowledgement of foreign income) (租税条約に基づき、納税者がタイ国外所得を申告したことを証明するもの)


  • 基本的な情報の収集・整理

  • 申請書の作成

  • 歳入局への申請代行

  • 歳入局とのフォローアップ及びコーディネーション



Tax certificates from the Thailand Revenue Department are often required by foreigners to prove they pay tax in Thailand or to obtain tax benefits overseas.


The following tax certificates are obtainable from the Thailand Revenue Department:


Income Tax Payment Certificate

Certificate of Residence

Statement of Acknowledgement of Foreign Income

Our Tax Certificate service includes the following:


Collect necessary information;

Provide list of supporting documents required;

Complete application forms;

Submit application forms and supporting documents to the Revenue Department;

Follow up with Revenue Department until issuance of the tax certificate(s); and

Translate tax certificate(s) from Thai to English.

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