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  • 株主構成、株主間契約、ビザ・ワークパーミット、税務申告、会計監査、記帳代行、及び企業コンプライアンスに関する相談業務

  • 商務省事業開発局における会社の設立登記代行業務

  • 主要の法人関連文書類(登記簿等)のタイ語→英語への翻訳

  • 法人税納税者番号の取得

  • 記帳代行業者および会計監査人との業務契約のコーディネーション

  • 商務省及び税務当局等が求める基本的な法令準拠(コンプライアンス)項目の要約の作成

  • 上記業務の遂行に必要とする連絡業務、及びミーティングへの参加・開催


A Thai majority owned company limited is the most common form of doing business in Thailand, but requires that the company have a Thai majority shareholder and Thai director.   However, this does not apply to foreign owned businesses engaged exclusively in the manufacturing business.  Thailand manufacturing businesses can be 100% foreign owned.


Manufacturing business is the use of raw materials, parts, and/or components to assemble finished goods.  The sale of the finished goods can be made to customers inside or outside of Thailand. 


Our Thailand manufacturing company registration service includes the following:


  • Consulting on shareholder & transactions structure, visa & work permit, tax returns, accounting retention, statutory audit & corporate compliance.

  • Register company with the Ministry of Commerce (MOC).

  • Translate company registration papers from Thai to English.

  • Obtain corporate income tax ID number.

  • Provide contacts for a Thailand accountant and auditor service.

  • Provide written summary of basic compliance requirements in Thailand.

  • Correspondence by email, telephone and in person meetings when necessary.

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