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輸入ライセンス(許可)は、タイの税関により発行されます。タイに輸入される物品により、他の行政機関からも輸入許可を取得する必要があります。他の行政機関とは、例えばタイの食品医薬品局 (FDA)、農業・協同組合省、財務省、美術局、知的財産局等があります。








  • 輸入許可等の要否の調査・確認

  • 輸入許可申請書の記入サポート(お客様からの情報・インプットも多く必要とします)

  • 輸入許可申請書の当局への提出

  • 当局との連絡業務

  • 関係当局とのミーティング、打ち合わせ、立ち入り調査への同伴

  • 当局とのフォローアップおよび連絡業務

  • 当局が要求する追加情報・説明のサポート業務

  • 輸入ライセンスの受領

  • 輸入ライセンスのタイ語→英語翻訳

  • 上記の遂行に必要なメール交換を含む連絡業務




Import licenses in Thailand are issued by the Customs Department. 


Depending on what type of goods you are importing to Thailand, an import license may require approval from another government agency such as the FDA, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Finance, Fine Arts Department, Department of Intellectual Property and others. 


Generally, import licenses require a fairly large up front investment in a proper business facility that will be inspected before approval. 


To determine whether approval is required from another government agency, we recommend contacting the Department of Foreign Trade.  


Our import license application service includes the following:


Advise client on all required information and documents to apply for an import license.

Prepare a import license application with the assistance of the client.

Filing the application with the relevant government authority.

Assist in communicating with the relevant government authority.

Accompanying the representatives of the client in meetings with the relevant government authority if necessary.

Follow up the application with the relevant government authority.

Submit any additional information or documents required by the relevant government authority with the assistance of the client.

Receive the import license.

Provide an English translation of the import license.

Correspondence by email, telephone and in person meetings when necessary.


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